Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Juneau, Hoonah, and Sailing the Gulf of Alaska!

Hi there!
As we headed to Juneau from Petersburg, Izak (commander data) noted that we could not fit under the bridge there, as our mast has a 60 foot bridge clearance and the bridge was 51 feet, so we went around to Auke bay to stay the night. We did laundry and took showers as usual, then at 5 am we departed for Hoonah. In Hoonah we topped off the fuel and proceeded into the gulf of Alaska bound for Yakitat. As we rounded cape Spencer it became very obvious that our inland waterway days were over! When you hear on the weather broadcast that there will be 5 foot seas, it means that is the average wave. There were some eight and ten footers in there! All along Leviathan, myself and her crew were becoming aquainted with each other. It seems that the northern bound inside passage journey is 90% into the wind and sea. We learned that deploying the stay sail provided stability. Leviathan quit bucking and rolling, kinda like putting a bit and saddle on a horse rather than bareback with only halter! We ran night and day till we arrived in Yakitat. That took about 30 hours. Before the end of our trip we did this three times. Yakitat is very isolated. I was lucky I knew a friend there and he gave us a tour of the village. He was helpful when it came time to fuel up. They only had a fuel truck that would drive to the pier and that was a little eventful with no float to tie up to, only pilings of which our mast almost rocked into! We left Yakitat on the tide with a weather window we thought was appropriate bound for cape St. Elias. Later. Stan

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